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Sustainability at Orthex Group

Sustainability report 2018


Environmental responsibility is important for us and we actively promote sustainability in all of our actions throughout the production and supply chains. The products we manufacture are of the highest quality and meant to last for years and even decades.

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L'utilisation de matériaux recyclés dans notre production

We have been using a material made from industrial plastic waste in the production of buckets, bins and boxes for example since the 1990’s. In 2015 we also started to utilize post-consumer plastic waste in the production.

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Sécurité des produits

Product safety is the most important cornerstone in our way of working and manufacturing. All of our products are BPA-free. We are proud to stand behind our product motto: "Safe, Smart and Tested".

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Du plastique sans BPA, un choix sûr

Orthex does not use BPA in any of its products. Everything is tested regularly, both at independent test laboratories and through function tests according to the strictest quality requirements.

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Le plastique responsable

The responsible use of plastics does not mean giving up plastics.

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Certification ISO

Orthex Group achieves the brand new version of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 management system certification. This means that today Orthex is even more environmentally conscious than before. The auditors especially appreciated the freshly published CSR Report as well as the thorough environmental assessment that was done in each site.

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Le bien-être de nos employés

We are committed to continuously developing our employees' competence, showing respect and promoting health and safety. Health and safety issues are particularly important in our factories.

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Amélioration continue

We believe in development through continuous improvement. We do this by first setting realistic and measureable objectives, and then monitoring, measuring and analyzing all our operations carefully.

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