Organize and sort in the fridge

When opening the fridge, it is not uncommon to be met by an irritating mess. Fortunately, SmartStore™ Compact Clear is there to help you.


Many of us are probably asking themselves the question "what are we going to eat tonight?" without a proper idea what’s in the fridge. Often this is because we don’t have an overall view of the contents of the fridge, because the food we buy is put in the fridge without thinking whether its place and space is good. Does this sound familiar?

SmartStore™ Compact Clear has been developed to overcome this everyday challenge. Transparent storage boxes in six sizes can be used in the fridge to separate different types of food from each other. It will be easy to provide separate spaces for vegetables, glass jars, breakfast supplies etc. When we have a good overview of what is available at home, we can make use of fresh food and avoid unnecessary food waste. In addition, an organized fridge makes a much calmer and more pleasant impression when opened early in the morning.

Tips for reducing your food waste

Use your senses

A best-before date is often an indication of how long the raw material stays fresh. You can often count on it lasting a few more days.

Use your creativity

Maybe you can use that sad cheese shell for something other than cold cuts? What if you grated and froze it? Easy to then pick out when you are going to make a pie or gratin.

Take tacos to a new level

How about adding olives, fruit, or carrots to the tortilla? Only those who dare to try something new will also find new favourites.

Avoid storing food in direct sunlight - the ripening process is faster, and the food will age sooner.

Most important of all, plan your shopping and avoid buy more offers.