GastroMax™ kitchen utensils and cutting boards made from bioplastic

Learn more about our range of kitchen utensils made from wood fibre and sugarcane from GastroMax


Reduced carbon footprint

Renewable bioplastic with a reduced carbon footprint compared to products made from traditional plastic.

New and unique biobased composite material

All plastic parts are made from sugarcane and wood fiber from Nordic spruce.

Practical benefits

The products are durable and comfortable to use and can be washed in the dishwasher.


The cutting boards in the series are recycled as hard plastic and the kitchen utensils (including the handles) as metal.

Nordic quality

The kitchen utensils are made in Sweden and the cutting boards in Finland.

The plastic in the series consists of natural raw materials. This means that the products have a reduced carbon footprint compared to regular plastic.

The unique composite material contains sugarcane and wood fiber from Swedish spruce.

GastroMax™ Bio products combine the natural look and strength of wood with the practical advantages of plastics, i.e. that they are hygienic and are dishwasher safe.