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Du plastique sans BPA, un choix sûr

Bisphenol A (BPA) and its harmful effects are at the center of many debates all over the world. It is widely used and constantly released into the environment. Be safe and check what kind of plastics you use and that everything you use is BPA-free plastic. All products manufactured by Orthex Group are made of BPA-free materials.

What and where?

BPA is used in the production of polycarbonate and as a hardener in other plastics. It makes the plastics more resistant to impacts and high temperatures. It can be found in places such as the inner coating of food cans and drink cans. When heating a plastic box containing BPA, it can ooze into food, especially if the food is greasy or acidic.

Many studies indicate that BPA may be harmful to the nervous system and hormonal functions, and babies and small children especially are at risk. Because of this the European Union has banned BPA use in baby bottles.

Use only safe plastics

Make sure to use only safe and tested BPA-free plastics. When cooking, check also that the utensils and food storage boxes you use are made of food-approved, BPA-free material.

Orthex does not use BPA in any of its products. Everything is tested regularly, both at independent test laboratories and through function tests according to the strictest quality requirements. Almost all of the plastic products are produced in Sweden or Finland. 

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